Unusual spider web on the door

The webs are a cult to decorate your home if you want to plan a party for Halloween. Attach themselves anywhere and pull. pull .... They're black, orange, purple ... We present our own personal interpretation of a web with a witch who runs ...
unusual web on the dor
Unusual web on the Halloween door ... with a witch that runs ...
  • Black web for Halloween party
  • A big spider and other little ones
  • A little witch, seen from behind
  • Difficulty:
  • Time:
    few minutes to an hour

This is a very special decorations for Halloween to welcome your guests. The spider web, stretched out the door, is common. The spider is common too. A little disturbing that strange presence. It 'a witch who runs ... Bertha The Witch. Read her story.

How to decorate your Halloween front door

  • - Stretch the web across the door fixing it on its corner.
  • - Place the spider. If it is not heavy it's enough to wrap its legs in the threads of the web.
  • - Place the witch too.
  • - You can use a ready-made reproduction of a witch or make her with the technique of felted wool. You'll just need a few pinnacles of wool in the colors that you already have at home.
  • - Your Halloween door decoration is ready!