Halloween table setting with pumpkins

Halloween table equipment
  • White table cloth
  • Orange non woven table cloth, 40 cm (31in) high
  • Round serving plate
  • Ornamental gourds
  • Fresh or silk little daisy chrysanthemums, in orange
  • and then ...
  • Colored dishes, cutlery and glasses
  • or...
  • Dishes, cutlery and glasses ... in mourning
  • Difficulty:
  • Time:
    few minutes

There are a lot of adults that are used to plan a seated dinner on the 31st of October (Halloween night) but don't like hair-rising ornaments, cemeteries, ghosts or zombies. They simply want to enjoy food with their friends. It could also be an eat-together, anyway an informal dinner.
But setting their table they'd like a touch of Halloween theme and colors or a touch of autumn.
Here are two table setting ideas: the first is mainly bound to autumn and reminds Halloween for the pumpkin presence. The latter reminds Halloween typical colors: orange and black.
What is the best choice? It depends on your own taste and tableware availability. But remember you could choose among a lot of disposable dishes, cutlery and glasses too.

In both cases you should use white table-cloth, non woven strips to overlap and a very simple centerpiece.
Here are the instructions to make the centerpiece.
Arrange the ornamental gourds on a round serving plate and insert the daisy chrysanthemums among them. We used silk flowers to have a beautiful decoration to show in autumn up to Christmastime. But if you are very fond of fresh flowers you could insert their stems into plastic water vials obviously after shortening them. Remember to hide these vials among the ornamental gourds.
Look at the photo for more details about colors and size.

Halloween centerpiece made with ornamental gourds and chrysanthemums
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The multicolored version of Halloween table setting

  • - As you can see in the photos we focused on the colors, well combined to have a graceful glance. The result is an elegant, modern and fashionable table.
  • - Why is it a modern table? The glass wine, transparent to let everyone see the wine color, is combined with the water glass that is very colored on the contrary. Notice the colored knives, very fashionable.
  • - If you like you could place a little colored glass on the top left corner and place a candle inside. The only hint to the wisps ...
Halloween elegant table with pumkin centerpiece and black tableware
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The black-and-orange version of Halloween table setting

  • - This version is easier to do if you have no colored tableware. Besides the colors remind better Halloween.
  • - We used disposable black dishes, glasses and cutlery and obviously paper napkins in double colors. Look well at the photos for more details.

If you want other ideas to set up your Halloween table you can read more on this page dedicated to the Halloween table with witch's hat.

These table settings are suitable for a rectangular table too.