Halloween table with witch's hat

Halloween table with witch's hat, detail of the centerpiece
table setting equipment
  • White table cloth
  • Orange non woven table cloth, 40 cm (31in) high
  • Black witch's hat
  • Fashion brooch jewelry
  • Strips of black and orange tulle
  • Halloween ornaments with little pumpkins
  • Patchwork pins
  • and then ...
  • Colored dishes, cutlery and glasses
  • or...
  • Dishes, cutlery and glasses ... in mourning
  • Difficulty:
  • Time:
    about 30 minutes, decorations included

This is a different table set for Halloween night. As you can see in the photo it isn't hair-raising idea but is colored and refined for people who don't like cemeteries and horror-inspiring things.

The centerpiece is dedicated to witches. A black witch's hat is decorated with elegant ornaments.
Contrary all appearances this decorated hat isn't very expensive.
Choose the dishes, cutlery and glasses according to your own taste and availability.
But keep in mind there are a lot of disposable dishes, cutlery and glasses for Halloween party.
Now we're going to show you how to make this decorated witch's hat.

Halloween table set, detail on the centerpiece
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  • - A witch's hat is available in a lot of stores and is cheap. Besides our decoration can be dismantled very easily and the hat put apart for the next year.
  • - Tulle is a fabric that combines different, interesting qualities. It's very cheap. You will need only 50 cm (20in) for every color for this kind of fabric is very high. Besides tulle can be cut without unraveling.
    Once dismantled the decoration, you could roll up the strips you've used and put apart for the next decoration.
  • - The ornament made with little pumpkin can be easily found for Halloween time and Christmastime. So you could use it in many occasions. It is very cheap too.
Halloween table set with blach dishes and witch's hat as centerpiece
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  • - The fashion brooch jewelry could be one brooch of yours. If you have no fashionable brooch this can be the right occasion to buy it according to your own taste. There are a lot of them at low cost. You will show it off in winter applied on your bag or to close your wool scarf or to embellish your cosmetic bag ...
  • - How to make this decorated witch's hat? it is very easy and you will need only few minutes. Cut a black and an orange strip out of the fabric. Both strips must be 40 cm (16in) wide and all the fabric length long. Tie them at the base of the cap and then turn the ends around the cone, weaving them, and fixing to the cone with some patchwork pins.
    Place the brooch and the pumpkin ornament as you can see in the photo. Use patchwork pins to fix the pumpkin ornament.
  • - The most important thing is to choose well the colors. Try to match them.

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