Halloween party for two

Halloween party for two, detail of the witch's hat
equipment for laying the Halloween table table
  • White table cloth
  • Orange non woven table cloth, 40 cm (31in) high
  • Black witch's hat
  • Fashion brooch jewelry
  • Strips of black and orange tulle
  • Halloween ornaments with little pumpkins
  • Patchwork pins
  • and then to set up the table
  • Colored dishes, cutlery and glasses
  • Little colored glasses and little candles to put inside
  • besides ...
  • A4 sheets to print the menu and colored cards for the different steps
  • Difficulty:
  • Time:
    about 30 minutes, decorations included

This Halloween party for two is very intriguing. Borrow the spell to revive a passion or, simplier, have fun in two with a bit of irony to realize how happy you are together.
What's the story you should perform? An enchantress witch gives her guest her love potion from the appetizers to the second course until she has her guest's heart imprisoned ...
So, work!

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How to lay the table for this Halloween party

  • - The table with the witch's hat is fine for our purpose. Read more details on the page dedicated to Halloween table with witch's hat as centerpiece.
  • - If you think is too empty, set for two, you could add little pumpkins as ornament and some little candles as you can see in the photo. Place them inside little colored glasses.

Menu card and other cards

  • - Download our menu card and the card that accompanies the cake. If you want you can decorate them further.
  • - You have only to add your name by hands. We hope your partner write himself something else so this card can be a fantastic souvenir of a funny but also romantic evening.
  • - If you decide to change anything in the card or add anything else consult this site where you can find the same font (Shyte) and other Halloween font ideas.

The menu

How to create the right atmoshere

  • - On the morning. Let your partner find a card: "You don't know what expects you tonight " or "Come, come to dinner, darling, you'll see some weird ... on the witches' night " or "Your witch will open her cave at 8 o'clock!"
    In short, try to create expectation and hide what you're preparing.
  • - On the evening. To have the best result you should only follow our tips on the page of love potion but if you are able to be bolder you can put the witch's hat on your head and comment every plate you're serving.