This is the book that Berta Witch is writing for the students of the school of magic. Read the book carefully if you want to delve into its secrets. Very carefully as mischievous as she is she doesn't always explain everything in detail!

the witch in fairy tales
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Bertha the witch

This is the index of the book of magic that the witch does not reveal still.
Do you think she reveals at once all of her secrets, don't you? it would not be in her style!
For the moment we only know the dedication that she wrote for her pupils!

To all my pupils of the first level course, my beloved future sorcerers, wizards and witches.

Dear friends, here I am, just for you. Bertha the Witch I am!

If you have this book in your hand it’s because you’ve decided to attend the school for wizards, witches and wizards. Yeah … there is no other reason.

Unless you’re just really curious ... in this case … you are already incinerated! Ah, ah, ah …

Are you still there? Let’s begin! Yes ... but from where?

Well, first I introduce myself. I am a perfect lady, what you believe!

I was chosen by the Grand Council of Magic to write this book because I am a veteran witch. I have been wearing purple color since last year as Grand Master and I am part of the Grand Council me too.

Then I’m the only one who is able to write, eh, eh ...

For my age and experience I can teach you everything: from magic formulas to strategies to fight your enemies.

Did you read the title of the book?


Formula & diary

My adventures will teach you much more than the usual books of witchcraft. Heh heh ... You’ll read good news!!