bertha the witch

Halloween is the night of the witches. And we present now one of them: Berta the Witch.
Berta The Witch is one of the characters of Fairy Elle, a new series of adventures involving a fairy child, the gnomes who live with her in Bosco and many other friends. Of course there are also enemies such as the witch you are seeing!
witch made with needle felted wool
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Bertha the Witch
What do you think of this witch?
Berta is a strange witch. She's a veteran witch, very spiteful with all, even Santa Claus.
Not to mention the adventures that involve her every year on Halloween and that you can find below.
Lately she has also started to write a book for students of the magic school.
Begin to read the dedication ...

Bertha's adventures on Halloween

Dinner at Berthas, prologue
Dinner at Bertha's
... and after reading the story, if you want, you can recreate the atmosphere in the witch's house
The table of the Bertha the Witch
or make her recipes
The soup of pierces eyes
Bertha's preferred spaghetti dish